Best Match For Cancer Man – Is Cancer Man Good Match With Taurus Woman?

Zodiac Love Match

The best matches for a Cancer man are Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces and Taurus. The Moon rules this zodiac. So you can expect an intense emotion and hidden passion running in the spines of a Cancerean. His nurturing and overprotective character has many women admirers.

Capricorn and fellow Cancereans are some variable matches for this man. As the pair of Capricorn and crab has some common features in their character they can make great relationship. Both are calm and gentle, not expressing their feelings in public. Whereas two crabs can become a perfect couple as they reflects each other’s nature. But too much resemblance may also affect the peace.

Best Match For Cancer Man

Our Cancer man will find a loyal friend in the analytical Virgo. Both are good observer and love to criticize a situation or a relationship. Though the crab may not find emotive backing from the Virgin but he will be bestowed with enough security and guidance from this goal-oriented partner.

Both are watery sign and resemble the most essential compatible feature called sex. The turbulent passion of the crab will be settled in Scorpios urgency of physical needs. Besides this the innate intuition of both the sign will not give rise to any tension between them. This will make an intense and balanced relationship as the jealousy of the Scorpio will not get fuel due to the solid loyalty of the Cancerean man.

The duo will make a lovely love nest with their imagination and emotions. The feminine and happy nature of the Pisces will at last let the Cancerean do some work

His possessiveness and liking for family will get a boost by Pisces’s delicate and wanting behavior. The pair may worship each other’s sensitive side in a way that the outer world may not seem visible to them.

‘Enjoy the silence’ can be the motto of a Cancer-Taurus pair. Both are polite and resolute which will make a very sensible understanding without depending on pretence. A Taurus girl will be loyal and grounded but not very imaginative and sexually willing for the despair of the Cancer male. But the familial trait in their character makes them the ideal couple.

Is Cancer Man Good Match With Taurus Woman?

This man with a crab in his nature wants emotional support and stability in his life. He is not so outgoing and vocal and often likes to stay in his cocoon. A Taurus girlfriend is best for her as she is the most conventional around him. A sense of belongingness will strike the Cancer who will be immediately drawn towards the bull. But he may be rebuked by the Taurean’s procrastination.